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What to do in Stellenbosch..?

WAKE UP to the bird’s song and enjoy a run in the magnificent mountains that surrounds Stellenbosch. From Rusthuiz’s front door, it takes you 5 minutes to be in the mountain and in Stellenbosch’s natural beauty.

STROLL back in time and experience the true culture, tradition and romance of Stellenbosch’s town centre. Join a Food Tour, experiencing the history and wonderful culinary treats that our town has to offer.

FOLLOW our wine route and stop for interesting “chocolate and wine”, “brandy and chocolate” or “nougat and sparkling wine” tastings. Ask the Rusthuiz girls for all the newest tips on where to treat yourself..

TASTE wonderful dishes in the local’s favourite restaurants. Your tastebuds will smile expecially if you pair your meal with a perfect partner in Stellenbosch Wine.

ENJOY our beautifull town, RELAX in style and comfort at Rusthuiz and EXPERIENCE true winelands hospitality.