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Village museum Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch Village Museum currently consists of four houses of historical interest and their gardens. The houses, their interiors and their gardens have been wonderfully restored, furnished, planted and decorated to illustrate the particular style and taste of the time.

How original to be welcomed at this museum by people dressed like the olden days, but without giving away too much…here is some information about each house in the Village museum…for the rest you will need to go and have a look yourself!



This is the first house the museum restored. This home survived the first great fire in Stellenbosch and was built in 1709. Schreudeurhuis is the oldest restored and documented town house in South Africa.


This house has been restored and furnished to illustrate the wealthy Stellenbosch home from around the period of 1750 – 1790. Blettermanhuis was built in 1789.


Built in 1782, Grosvenor house was added to by successive owners until it reached its present appearance in 1803. Grosvenor House is an outstanding example of a two-storeyed, flat-roofed patrician town house, of which there was quite a few in Stellenbosch as well as in Cape Town.


The fourth house is a typical mid-nineteenth century home with wall-paper, furniture and accessories from the period of 1850 – 1870. The Bergh family lived in this house from 1836 up to 1877.

A visit to the Village museum is definitely a must-do for both locals and tourists as this is a very educational and interesting experience.


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