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Stellenbosch Kitchen Experience

On a rainy Friday afternoon, a friend invited me for a late lunch at Stellenbosch Kitchen.

I was very excited as I have’t been there since they renovated and the well known Jan Cats became Stellenbosch Kitchen. What a cosy restaurant! We started off with something warm to drink and were served with fresh bread and delicious pates.

Our friendly waiter gave us the specials of the day. As it was such a cold day, the lamb stew sounded like the perfect option. I was not disappointed, in fact it was a perfect meal!

As life is too short not to have dessert, we decided to try 2 different options from their menu. The bread pudding she had was delicious, but the chocolate fondant I had was absolutely mouth watering! It was served with caramel mouse, honey comb, banana, fresh raspberries and peanut butter ice cream, the perfect combination!

Good service, great food…Stellenbosch Kitchen is a true gem and most definitely worth a visit!