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Shopping in Stellenbosch

As both a university town and prime tourist destination, Stellenbosch has a myriad shops stocked with everyday necessities, luxury items and unique local produce and products.

Stroll along the oak-lined streets and secluded lanes of the historic town and discover a maze of antique shops, arts & crafts, curios, bric-a-brac, clothing boutiques, gift shops, jewellers, diamond merchants, clockmakers, wine merchants, general and specialist bookstores and art galleries.

Stellenbosch has seven main shopping centres, namely Eikestad Mall, Eikenhoff Shopping Centre, Stelmark Square, Simonswyk Centre, Die Boord Mall, Stellenbosch Square and Stone Village.

Historic Dorp Street offers a plethora of outlets and eateries, including the charming ‘olde worlde’ Oom Samie se Winkel.

Stop off at a sidewalk café, bistro, pub or restaurant and mingle with the locals.