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SA Cheese Festival 2015

Yet again it was that time of the year where friends and family gathered for the annual SA Cheese Festival held at Sandringham farm. This year’s festival sets 2 records for the highest number of exhibitors at the festival as well as the most space occupied by cheese exhibitors in 14 years.

You can feel the excitement from the moment you enter the festival. Thousands of people are wandering around from stall to stall to taste the different cheese and wines on offer or enjoying the live entertainment and cooking demonstrations.

Big marquee tents with tables and chairs offers some shade against the sun where people were gathering for hours nibbling on cheese, freshly baked breads and biltong enjoyed with wine, freshly squeezed pomegranate juice and much more. Delicious foods were for sale for those who felt like something other than cheese!

Children had lots of space to play and there were the most delicious snacks, such as nougat, fudge and the most wonderful ice cream to enjoy. Not even to mention the colourful macaroons and mouth-watering chocolate puffs which also attracted quite a few adults…!

I am sure that this festival is already marked on thousands of people’s calendar for 2016!


sa-cheese-festival-2015-stellenboschsa cheese fest view2Sa cheese tastingsa cheese fest view