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Oom Samie se Winkel (Uncle Samie’s Shop)

Danica and Hannelise , the managers of Rusthuiz, had the privilege to visit Oom Samie se winkel this week.

This well-known shop was one of the first trading stores in Stellenbosch, located in Dorp Street and owned by Oom Samie Volsteedt in 1907. He stocked everything that was needed by families at that time.

During the years this shop had many face lifts and now boasts a Victorian look. From the moment you step inside this shop all your senses will be overwhelmed. From the smell of tobacco, the sight of ostrich eggs and the different textures of leather products to nibbling on the old fashion sweets they sell, all together with the sound of people snooping around between all the interesting articles.

This store is a very popular tourist attraction and visited by many people through out the year. We have had various feedback on tourists thoughts about this unique shop, some would say it is chaotic, but in a nice way, others would love the interior and some even compared it to Disney world…nevertheless for the locals of Stellenbosch this little shop is nestled deep in our hearts as it is a big part of the history and therefore a shop to be proud of!

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