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Interesting Facts About Global Warming


Global warming in a nutshell:

 Mother Earth’s atmosphere is becoming increasingly denser due to a build up in carbon emissions created by our everyday activities.

 Due to the mass amounts of CO2 created by these activities, trees find it difficult to cope whilst trying to absorb and convert it into oxygen.

 As a result of this build up, many of the sun’s rays are being trapped resulting in the “greenhouse effect”, which leads to a gradual rise in temperature and other climate change anomalies.

Electricity usage in South Africa contributes to almost half of the countries carbon foot print.

Other sources of contributing to our carbon footprint: transport (trains, planes and automobiles), manufacturing and factories, fires and gasses.

You can reduce your carbon footprint by:

 Reduce the overload of electricity usage in high peak periods or generate electricity by going “green” and making use of water-/wind- or solar power.

 Use alternate forms of transport: Bus, carpool, bicycles or walking.

 Use building materials that have a low impact on the environment.

 Plant trees!