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Bites & Sites: Foodies on Foot Walking Tour

Your guide and the founder of Bites & Sites walking tours, Hanli Fourie takes you on her new walking adventure “Foodies on Foot”. One of our own, Hannelise Siebrits had the privilege to experience this one-of-kind food-lovers expedition on foot through the streets and cafés of Stellenbosch.

The walking tour consists of 7 pit stops, scattered around the town centre. This journey kicks-off with a visit to the De Oude Bank building which is now known as De Oude Bank Bakkerij, located on 7 Church Street. Here they are greeted by the owner and baker himself, Frirz Schoon. De Oude Bakkerij was opened in August 2010 and today provides the public with an array of freshly baked bread, sampled with your choice of farm butter, pestos, marmalade, cheeses or meat. Light lunches and breakfasts is also part of the hand written menu. With the foodies on foot they had a refreshing locally produced beer & bread tasting with a breadstick on-the-go.

Lecca il Gelato is the second stop of this walking tour. A fun fact about this ice cream parlour is that they were the very first real Italian ice cream parlour to open an outlet in Stellenbosch, South Africa in February 2006. Since then they have opened many more outlets in the Western Cape. Here they only produce homemade gelato made the Italian way. The foodies had a choice of 2 scoops of soft, smooth and mouth-watering gelato ice cream, which they could enjoy whilst walking to their next destination on the corner of 36 Church Street, the very famous Africa Silks shop. During the visit to the silk shop, Mr René explains the manner in which silk is spanned by the silk worm and more behind the produce of silk in Africa. Africa Silks also had the honour of recently being featured on the lifestyle television show Pasella. After a brief history lesson, the foodies crossed the road to visit the oldest and most historic hotel in Stellenbosch, De Oude Werf. The main reason for the brief stop is not for an over-nighter or to enjoy a lunch at Restaurant 1802 but to experience architectural history. Since De Oude Werf hotel is actually build on top of the foundation ruins of the very first colony church laid in 1686 by the Governor Simon van der Stel and the Reverend Johannes Overneij. It was completed and consecrated in May the following year, but then destroyed by a fire fanned by a fierce south-easterly storm which swept through the village in December 1710. Today only the historical remains of this little church can be seen beneath the floorboards of the kitchen of the hotel.

After being all nostalgic the troopers head off to a small butchery called Eikeboom Slaghuis, located on 19 Plein Street. Being proudly South African, the foodies sample traditional and tasty droë wors and biltong. Eikeboom Slaghuis is the oldest surviving traditional Butchery in the Town of Stellenbosch which was acquired by Nic and Elize van Rensburg in May 1996. Making a U-turn they head back to DeWet Square. Here is where they encounter a bit of sweetness on the walking tour. Dipped Confections. This keen little coffee shop, bakery and confectionary started in 2009 in a flat’s kitchen in Stellenbosch. Yvette Barrett moved from farmers market to farmers market until finally in March 2010 Dipped was launched publically when she opened a small shop underneath Wijnhuis. A while later Esmari Vosloo came into the Dipped family and helped take the shop to new heights! In September 2010 they moved to a new space around the corner, where the shop can nowadays be found open from Mon – Friday at 08:30-17:00 in DeWet Square. The foodies each indulged in an espresso, fairy red velvet cupcake and a petite dark chocolate truffle. Last but not least, the Food Emporium on 32 Piet Retief Street, The Wild Peacock, which is the final stop on the Foodies on Foot tour. The tour ends with a tummy-filling wine, cold meat, bread and olive tasting.

According to another bloggers words “The Wild Peacock is a deli on a classic leafy Stellenbosch street. Inside the look is green chequered table cloth cafe chic.”
To sum up this walking tour experience in a few abstract words… Definitely different, educational, something unique and a must-do when visiting our beautiful town of oaks!